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Why NorthFace Services?

NorthFace services is an independent Property Management and Verification company backed by experienced professionals to provide you with best Service and genuine advice on property Management and buying. NorthFace is the one and only property consultancy in India to think on behalf of the customer and provide with detailed analysis on the property which client proposes to buy. We provide professional services to take care of all aspects of Hyderabad Real Estate needs of NRIs. This is the right place for you because we are fully committed to meet your property management needs in Hyderabad while you are abroad. We are

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Management Services

  • Property Supervising & Inspection
  • Comprehensive marketing
  • Finding a tenant
  • Obtaining references
  • Drawing up the tenancy agreement
  • Arranging the check-in
  • Dedicated Property Manager
  • Utiliti Bills Management
  • Keyholding service
  • Cleaning & Housekeeping
  • Arranging repairs and maintenance
  • Management inspection with full colour report
  • Managing the check-out process
  • Deposit protection and legal advice

Verification Services

  • Investigation Of the Title
  • Authentication of the revenue (patta) records
  • Originality of documents and Review of the ownership details
  • Property tax dues and Encumbrance certificate
  • Analysis & assessment of the property
  • Regular reporting on the status of the property.
  • Time to time Monitoring of open land/plots
  • Link Documents Verification of the Property
  • Development Agreement Verification
  • Municipal Permission Verification
  • Proceeding Documents for the Plan Verification
  • Management inspection with full colour report
  • LRS / ULC Document Verification
  • Sale Deed Documents Verification
  • Property Tax Verification
I have been absolutely delighted at the level of service I have received from NorthFace Services. As I live abroad, letting my property is awkward and the last thing I want to worry about. Venkat made this process very easy and straightforward. His professionalism and attention to detail is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering letting their property
V M Reddy, London
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Tenants Prefer Managed Property

More and more tenants request managed properties as it allows a more professional service, removing the emotion from both sides. Our fully trained team are highly experienced in prompt rent collection and credit control as well maintaining proactive relationships with tenants. Our Property Management package includes services such as collecting rent, handling administration as well as assistance with more complex issues and the provision of a 24-hour emergency helpline.

Peace Of Mind For Landlords

Only you know how much time you can spare to deal with your tenant's telephone calls and the resulting work. Our comprehensive Property Management service is designed to give you peace of mind and relieve you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord, which is why we look after hundreds properties on behalf of clients both in Hyderabad.

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