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Why Hyderabad’s Khaja Guda is good investment option

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Why Hyderabad’s Khaja Guda is good investment option

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The ORR connect and social infrastructure make the area a strong and viable long term investment.

Khaja Guda on Outer Ring Road enjoys special preference by both developers and buyers. The reason is not just its strategic location but also guaranteed ROI on properties housed in this locality. Its price history since the last 6 months has been impressive and has registered an increase by 1.7 percent as per Magicbricks research.

Khaja Guda shares its border with Nehru Outer Ring Road. Its popularity amongst consumers can be because of its nearness to the IT hubs of Financial District and Hitec City, both located within 5 to 7 km radius.

Mehboob Khan, marketing manager, Ace Constructions talked about the locality. He said, “Not only does the locality have close proximity to the IT/ITeS hubs but another positive aspect could be the new developments coming along in the locality. Government efforts to improve its buy legal anadrol cervical stretches trapezius connectivity to Outer Ring Road has further captured the attention of buyers and developers.”

Increasing property values

Khaja Guda witnessed a price rise of 1.7 percent in the Apr-Jun 2016 quarter. In the Apr-Jun 2015 quarter the average price of apartments was Rs 4,361 per sq ft which increased to Rs 4,636 per sq ft in the same quarter of 2016. The graph depicts that in the last two quarters, the average property values have increased.

Connected and developed

Khaja Guda being one of the localities along the ORR, is well-connected to the Financial District. Its growth potential is immense as prime areas such as Manikonda and Hitec City are also linked through the ORR.

Khan adds, “Some major international schools are within the vicinity. The airport is only a couple of minutes drive away.” The IT hub of Hitec City has garnered attention of many IT professionals who would like to stay close to their work spaces. ORR stretch in Khaja Guda being the closest, within 3-km distance, tops buyer’s preference charts.

Nehru Outer Ring Road is connected with the Gachibowli Flyover and Old Mumbai Highway that connects Khaja Guda with Gachibowli, Nanakram Guda and many other significant parts of the city. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation offers public mode of transport.

Investing in Khaja Guda

If you are a first time buyer, Khaja Guda will not disappoint you. The locality offers both under-construction and ready-to-move-in properties. Popular housing formats are 2, 3 and 4BHK units.

Under construction properties can be priced from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 2 crore and above. Ready-to-move-in units are priced up to Rs 3 crore depending upon its size and amenities.

In terms of amenities, residential projects offer facilities keeping in mind the needs and requirements of professionals, families, kids and elderly citizens. New constructions offer modern amenities such as parking lot, cafeteria, drinking water, round-the-clock security, bench seating arrangements, club house, water storage, elderly parks, among others.

However, it is advised to check the amenities yourself as every project differs from another. Also, invest in amenities that you will use. Buyers in the past have complained that they pay a hefty annual deposit for the maintenance of facilities that they might use once in a year only.

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Source:  Pushpa Rawat, Times Property, Magicbricks Bureau/Hyderabad

3 reasons why Hyderabad realty looks positive

Property Management HyderabadThe city markets witnessed a 25 percent rise in new launches and more buyers are coming forward.

Optimism rides high in Hyderabad’s real estate market. Investors will be delighted to know that residential inventories are moving as buyers become enthusiastic towards making a purchase. Developers have already caught the pulse of the market and as a result one can witness new launches.

Supply of residences

The city markets witnessed a 25 percent rise in new launches by reputed developers. This is a mammoth change in the attitude of the developers who last year were extremely cautious. Late last year, there was rather a decline by approximately 10 percent in the number of launches. Ready-to-move-in properties also saw demand from consumers.

If the current sentiment and transactions continue, the market will endure stability in times to come.

As a buyer or an investor, one can expect all kinds of property types if interested in making a transaction. Average value of properties which is most in supply is Rs 3,000-4,500 per sq ft.

A healthy mix of local and reputed developers are optimizing the positive sentiment. Some of them include Godrej, Mahindra Life space, Prestige, Lodha, TATA, etc. The presence of strong names is also suggestive of the future potential of the real estate market. Most of the big names are offering modern amenities within gated housing societies.

“Local buyers are opting for affordable properties which is understandable. Hyderabad is known to be a price-sensitive market, therefore the new inventory mostly settles in this price category,” says Siva Sankar from S4 India.

Triggers of consumer demand

What triggered the change in attitude? Several reasons actually. Infrastructure development can be one of the prime reasons behind the optimism riding in the market.The state government has painstakingly taken steps to initiate city development which will boost consumer demand.

The government has brought about a change in policies which favour the entry of companies within city limits. This has been quantified by a report which estimated 107 percent growth in demand for office space in the early months of this year. To name some biggies Amazon, Micromax, Google, etc are expected to better the employment market of the city. The ripple effect would be the development of the residential market. This effect can already be witnessed as acclaimed developers are constructing projects along the ITI/TeS corridor indicating confidence amongst buyers. Apart from the ITI/TeS industry, the manufacturing domain has also fuelled residential demand in the region.

Like other cities, connectivity should also be factored in for infusing optimism. The Metro project will improve connectivity to other parts of the city. The metro link between Miyapur to LB Nagar is anticipated to bring in a significant change in the lives of daily commuters. National Highway-9, connecting Hyderabad and Pune and Outer Ring Road (ORR) connecting to other areas of Hyderabad, will also contribute in improving the connectivity of the region.

Commercial developments in nearby localities such as Kukatpally and Miyapur will also improve consumer demand. Proximity to ITI/TeS zones in Hitec City and Gachibowli can also improve transactions in the market.

Areas with new launches

Tellapur, Gachibowli, Lingampally and Kondapur in the north-western node of Hyderabad are some areas with the highest number of new launches.

The popular property configurations include 2, 3 and 4BHK units and property types available mostly comprise of apartments and houses and villas. The budget brackets however vary.

Amenities being offered are modern but may vary depending upon the developer and the property values. The spectrum of amenities include: In the next 5 years, the city market has the potential to enjoy up to 7 percent property value appreciation. With so many positives in favour of the real estate market, Hyderabad does indeed ride on optimism.

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Source: Namrata Ekka, Times Property, Magicbricks Bureau/ Hyderabad

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Retail demand set to rise dramatically in Hyderabad

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Despite having a sizeable customer base with high consumption and retail spends, modern retail format stores and malls in Hyderabad stands at a meagre 9%, the lowest among top seven cities in the country. This reflects a big opportunity for growth, as per a report.

While it has been known for a while that Hyderabad is an underserviced modern retail market, research from Knight Frank suggests that the city is set to double its retail spends in five years and this perhaps will make the city be seen in highly favourable terms by PE funds and national builders alike.

Samantak Das, chief economist and national director, research, Knight Frank, says “Hyderabad per capita expenditure on consumption is higher than Chennai, but is a hugely underserviced. In our estimation, based on NSSO and many other inputs, in Hyderabad people are spending Rs.51,000 per person per year only on retail expenses (retail here not only includes apparel and fashions, but electronics, food, and so on). This money is being spent not only on mall and modern formats that is certainly driving spends, but also on the other smaller retail stores, including ecommerce. But as modern retail is only 9 % of total expenditure (Bangalore has 26 percent), there is a clear indicator of the space that can be occupied by modern retail format stores. Says Das, “In rest of the cities we have seen transformation towards modern retail a little earlier, but there also formats that have not been always successful in the past.”

Today, there is more clarity on what works with the Indian consumer in the long run. The location, store size, price points, product mix, catchment area, and overall experience decide if any retail mall works, as footfalls are not the only indicator. Even the convenience of the entrance and parking available matter, and India has any number of malls that don’t work as well as they could just for these reasons.

An interesting new trend is that many new malls are dedicating 35-40 percent space to f&b and entertainment while department stores in malls are truncating space as they are competing with entailers as well.

In a recent report JLL India stated “Fast fashion is emerging as an important and growing category in the Indian retail sector. Consumers, on an average, are buying apparel eight to ten times a year now compared to a few years ago, when it was lesser than half a dozen times. Retailers also now change their stock several times a year, and provide latest fashion merchandise all year around.”

While buyers are becoming more discerning, in India, destination malls have not worked so well. As per research, on an average, people do not want to drive more than 20 minutes to buy anything. So each modern retail format store normally works best when it serves the demography that surrounds it, unless it is a high-end premium store with exclusive products. Returns are also impacted when there are too many malls in one space.

Increasingly, across India, unless malls are delivering a somewhat unique experience, they are finding long-term loyalty difficult to sustain. It is estimated that by the year 2040, modern retail penetration in Hyderabad will increase to 50% from the current 9%, with both brick-and mortar and e-tail formats contributing significantly to the growth.

Dipal Gala, Times Property, The Times of India, Hyderabad