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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Renting A Villa Or Buying A Villa Is Good??

In the present market scenario getting a house or villa has become quiet complicated due to the increased price rates and the locality in which it is built. With the situation standing thus, you might be in a confused state looking for perfect ideas and solutions.

Well, here is the solution to all your worries. When you have a choice to rent a villa then why you need to worry about the sky-high prices!! Take a look on some of the pros of renting a villa at a cost-effective price. Continue reading

New Law on Daughters Having Ownership on Property

Daughters are wealth to a family…

Even though after marriage they move to another house, they still have rights on their father’s property as per Section 6 of Hindu Succession Act 1956. As per the Hindu Succession Act, every daughter has equal rights along with her brothers in the ancestral property.  If the father expires without making a will, then the property will be shared among his heirs.   Continue reading

Home Buyers – Know How To Save Tax On Your New Home

Are you a first time home buyer? Then you would have several factors to consider before buying a home like selling price, locality, budget, repute builders and many more.  Amongst all, “Saving Tax” would be the prime concern for any new home buyer. When you invest in a property, be careful about the tax implications that come along with your property purchase.  Continue reading

Document Registration – Requirements and Precautions

The Transfer Of Property Act 1882 and Registration Act, 1908 prescribe compulsory registration of certain documents. Transfer of Property Act mandates that certain documents to be valid; they should give “notice to the world”. Registration Act, 1908 gives the mechanism to the concept of “notice to the world”. The documents registered in Book 1 of Registration Offices are public documents, so any public may inspect such book; get copies of the same and a list of details of registered documents chronologically in the shape Continue reading