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Why Do You Need a Title Insurance while Buying a House or Property?

Monthly Archives: November 2019

Why Do You Need a Title Insurance while Buying a House or Property?

Insurance is generally acquired by people for financial protection, and you might also be aware of different kinds of insurance policies, like car insurance, house owners insurance, etc. However, do you know there is a separate insurance policy called ‘Title Insurance’ which you need to obtain when you buy a house/residential property? Continue reading

What matters the most in your home- Privacy, Space or Design? Explore here.

It is a really tough challenge to decide what’s more important while buying a house. Each person has his/her own preferences in choosing a house as he/she desires because every individual is different and so are their priorities. It could be location, price, and amenities for some people, while others look for the best offers & deals, design, layout size, free space, and many other factors as such. Continue reading

Vaastu guidelines to follow while buying a new house this festive season

Most people in India believe buying a new house during the festive season (October-January) is auspicious as it brings good health, wealth and happiness. Besides, if you buy a home that is built in compliance with Vaastu Shastra, it will even bring more positive energy to your home. The real estate developers also launch several new projects in this time period and offer some good deals and discounts for the potential home buyers. Continue reading

Puzzled about Carpet Area, Built-up Area and Super Built-up Area? Here is the solution.

We often confuse with some common terminologies that seem to be explicit and clear. However, those terms/expressions differ from our actual perception and have a different meaning altogether. The following real estate terms- Carpet equipoise eq a prova d agua galas de sunga shows area, Built-up Area and Super Built-up Area stand in the same line. These are the conventional jargons often used by the real estate developers while purchasing a residential property to calculate the area occupied. There is a high chance that buyers would likely be hoodwinked with these calculative expressions if they aren’t clear. Continue reading