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About Us

About Us

Corporate Overview

About us: NorthFace services is an independent property consultancy company backed by experienced professionals to provide you with the best opinion and genuine advice on property buying. NorthFace is the one and only property consultancy in India to think on behalf of the customer and provide with detailed analysis on the property which the client proposes to buy.   We provide professional services to take care of all aspects of Hyderabad real estate needs of NRIs. This is the right place for you because we are fully committed to meet your property management needs in Hyderabad while you are abroad.   We are a full-service property management firm that offers a variety of services catering to individual NRI needs.   We offer our clients with various services in the core areas of property consulting, verification, valuations/appraisals of the proposed property, future development of the property along with the surroundings i.e. upcoming government plans & projects, Competitive analysis of the property and legal advice on land registrations.   NorthFace is a service provider & NOT A BROKERAGE FIRM. We are not real estate agents or brokers, we will work 100% for the customers and make sure our customers are not victims of fraud or misrepresentation of real estate agents and brokers. Our thumb rule is to provide our clients with useful and strategic solutions for a profitable property transaction.  

Services List

  • End to End Property Management Services for Landlords
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Dedicated Property Manager
  • Get the Fair Rental Value for your Property
  • The Property Verification
  • Property Legal Services
  • Property Valuation Services
  • (NRI Clients) Property Management
  • Time to time Monitoring of open land/plots/independent houses/Apartments to ensure that the property is free from encroachment.
  • Regular reporting on the status of the property.
  • Digital pictures, videos and report of the property will be sent.
  • Based on customer’s requirement no. of visits / year can be scheduled.
  • We will update on the status of the property and warn if we see or predict any attempts to trespass.
  • A notice board can be optionally displayed to warn encroachers at a little bit of extra cost.