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Dharani portal yielding desired results: Telangana chief minister

Dharani portal yielding desired results: Telangana chief minister

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday said that the Dharani portal, which was brought in to ensure that the farmers would not face any problems while selling, purchasing, registering and getting mutation of agriculture lands, is winstrol pct the civil guard maritime service giving the desired results.

He expressed satisfaction that the farmers are able to do registrations, sale and purchase and mutations within minutes without bribing any one, using any influence or running around the offices. The CM said in the two months period, 1.6 lakh booked the slots and of them, 80,000 have already completed their registrations.

KCR, as the CM is popularly known, said there are 90 per cent of farmers who hold less than 5 acres of land in the state and the government’s aim is to make sure that these farmers should be able to do the registration of their land and mutations without any problem.

He assured that even if there were some uncertainties regarding the agriculture lands, the District Collectors would solve them in two months. The CM also disclosed that the Dharani portal would have more options and more improvements would be done to it.

The CM held a high-level review meeting with top officials on the maintenance of the Dharani Portal and measures to be taken to improve its performance.

He directed officials to provide more options on Dharani portal, and strengthen it. He also gave instructions to sort out various issues related to the portal.