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Do you prefer buying a ready-to-move house? Stay calm and read through this piece of information.

Do you prefer buying a ready-to-move house? Stay calm and read through this piece of information.

Buying a home or property is a cumbersome task in general. Most of us would have faced so many challenges in making it happen true. Right from selecting the property type till getting the key of your new house, every little thing you decide plays a key role. In this fast-moving world, we need everything to be get done as fast as it can be. The same trend is being followed now in home buying, too, shows a recent real estate analysis.

Many homebuyers are showing interest in buying ready-to-occupy homes rather an under construction property in the present day. Scroll down to know whether it’s beneficial or not.

Key in hand

One of the key benefits of buying a ready-to-move house is that you can avail it immediately. You don’t have to hold up to shift to your new house. Once the payment is done, the house is all yours! There is no waiting time period for a ready-to-move house and you don’t have to wait for years to move into your new house. You buy a house, get the key and move on…that’s it. Though it costs higher than an under-construction property, the difference in pricing is very minimal, varying only 10-30% approximately.

No Disappointments

This is one common problem every individual face while buying an under-construction property. The builders might have given many promises while buying the property, but when the project is completed, those promises mightn’t be held up by the builders most of the times. There may be one to many differences and shortages after the construction of the house gets completed. Buyers who opt for ready-to-move houses might not have to face this kind of problem and this is one of the key advantages in buying a ready-to-occupy house. You will get for what you have paid.

As you have an opportunity to inspect the house before buying, you can very well decide and finalize it after inspection. There won’t be any discrepancies with the house that is being promised with the prescribed layout, features, amenities and other things.

Save Money

This very thing saves you from the rent and the EMI being paid for a longer time than expected if the construction of the property is not completed on time. In case of buying a ready-to-move house, you make the payment, go through the documentation process and move in. The best option to save your money as well as time.

Free from GST

The implementation of GST has created a significant impact on our day to day lives. People have experienced both positive and negative effects of it. In the real estate terms, GST has boosted the developers along with the buyers. A 12% Good and Services Tax is being levied for an under construction property at present. In contrast, you refrain from this if you buy a ready-to-occupy house.

To sum up, a ready-to-move house is a far way beneficial than the risks involved in it. Depending on your financial condition, time and location, you can decide whether to buy a ready-to-move house or an under-construction property.