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East Marredpally looks promising

East Marredpally looks promising

Three decades ago, Rahim Pasha’s father made an investment in East Marredpally, which has paid off in the long run.

For any Indian family, investing in a property is a life-changing decision. It is not only a smart financial move, risk hypotension but it also gives people a sense of security of their future.

Rahim Pasha has been living with his family in East Marredpally for 30 years now. His father invested in his dream abode in the 1960s when he bought the house for Rs 7.50 per square yard. The rate of the plot has escalated manifold since.

“My father was quite focused on where he wanted to buy the property with the limited funds he had then. Our school was one of the main criteria for the location of the house. The house is also close to the erstwhile airport, and availability of basic amenities added more to kamagra oral jelly it,” he explains.

A good neighborhood is another essential criterion in deciding the location of your home and Siddiqui’s father explored that aspect wisely. “The area was a wilderness and full of rocky hills, but he knew it would be well populated soon. The quality of the neighborhood has also evolved with time,” he adds.

Armed with his hard earned savings, he made the purchase, which went smoothly. “It took my dad a year to construct the ground floor, though. The first floor was constructed much later,” he says.

Initially, Siddiqui and his family had a hard time commuting due to a lack of easy access to transportation facilities. “Not only were the buses few, but even the bus stops were at a great distance. Moreover, connectivity to major city points was minimal. We could only get to Secunderabad station and Koti. And one had to change a few buses to go anywhere else. While transportation facilities have improved now, connectivity is still an issue,” he shares.

The weather, however, is not a cause for concern. “The area is at a slightly higher altitude than other areas of the city and therefore, despite the density of housing, the temperature is cooler, and water from heavy rains drains away and doesn’t inundate the area,” he says.

Though Siddiqui recommends the location, he also shares how urbanization has come at a cost. “The area has become crowded. Streets have been narrowed down and those marked for widening have the residents up in arms. Houses have been torn down with apartment complexes standing in their place,” he says, adding, “Overlooking the downsides, the future of the area looks bright and promising.”