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Here is Why NRIs Should Consider Investing In India!

Here is Why NRIs Should Consider Investing In India!

India has always been favoured by the NRIs when it comes to real estate investments. While some just want to own a piece of property in their motherland, most of them look at it as a lucrative investment option providing high return on investment. Indian has been growing economically in the past few decades adding to the charm of investing here.

Other than these, here are some important reasons why NRIs should consider investing in India:

Legal benefits

NRIs have the benefit of minimum legal formalities when investing in immovable property in India. Other than the registration procedure, there are very few procedures associated with a reality project investment. However, income tax rules apply if they receive a rental income for the property. Certain income tax compliances specific to the NRIs result in gains for them in the long run.

Startup culture leading to more jobs

The growing start up culture of the country has resulted in more and more job opportunities. This has resulted in a wide spread development that has also positively helped the real estate sector. This steady upward growth of the economy of India ensures that you get a high returns on your investment.

The outsourcing boom has also left a lot of benefits for the Indian market. Other than the obvious increase in jobs, there are various research and development units that has come in various fields owing to this. These factors also contribute to the infrastructural development of the country, making it a viable investment option to NRIs.

Source of rental income

The increasing number of IT parks and industries in the country equates to more migration of people to the cities. Hence, there are more and more people looking for rental spaces in the country. By investing in India, you can rest assured about a steady flow of rental income. This is particularly true in the case of investing in metros like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai  & Hyderabad etc.

Currency exchange rate

NRIs who are working in places like Dubai, USA, UK etc. have the advantage of earning in a stronger currency when compared to India. This in turn means that for lesser investment you can gain more. This is an important reason that encourages NRIs to investments in our country. The steady economic growth of the country has also been luring many NRIs to invest in startups and research projects in India.

The general economic growth of the country has been attracting many NRI investors to the country over the years. This, coupled with the above reasons ensures that the trend of NRIs investing in the real estate sector of India is here to stay!