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How To Convert Your Ancestral Property Into A Homestay

How To Convert Your Ancestral Property Into A Homestay

India is an incredible country and known for its heritage and rich culture. Today many tourists come to visit India to enjoy its wonderful heritage and to get a different and a lifetime experience. Some people like to spend their vacation at a beachside, while some would like to spend time in the tranquility of nature in the hill stations. Generally, visitors and tourist prefer hotel rooms, however, today the trend is changing and it’s giving space to Homestay that are great alternative for those travelers who are looking for privacy and space, which a hotel does not offer.

Today many people have homes that are inherited and difficult to manage, these homes can be easily converted to a Homestay and into a profitable business. In such business you have nothing to less, but everything to gain.

The Homestay concept is quite simple, all you need to offer is neat and comfortable bedrooms and hot and tasty meals to your guests. You can even take the initiative of being a guide to your guest and take them around the city to show them the best sights and can exchange the view of cultures and can share experience of other guests.

People like NRIs, HNIs look for such opportunity to connect to local people and to understand their culture and during this time a Homestay is the best place as it’s away from the city and more closer to the villages and outskirts of the city.

What are the pre-requisites?

Bedrooms and bathrooms 

Once you decide to convert your home into a home stay you have to do some planning and renovation accordingly. You have to re-do your bedrooms and bathrooms so that they are according to guest’s taste and comfortable. If you have large bathroom, than you might think of adding a bathtub and if you have extra room, you can convert it to kids play room or a gym.

Outdoor sitting area 

This is a required feature in any Homestay, where the guests can sit and have a small chit chat while having tea. There should be enough space for some gardening for guests to indulge in.

Recruitment of staff

You will surely want a cook and a cleaning person to maintain the property. The cook should be able to cook some local cuisine in addition to popular recipes that are guest’s favourite. You can also make a menu from which the guests can choose what they want to eat.

Things to keep in mind

Privacy and space :-

What guest wants is some time and space for privacy. Ensure that the room provided has a secure lock and bolt and curtains on the door and windows. The room should be away from the living room.


Offer the guest flexibility. They should be allowed to come and go at their suitable and desired time.

Comfort safety and easiness

Offer the guest the best comfort and safe living environment. This will ensure that your Homestay is never out of guests. Have some friendly games in the evenings to make the guests comfortable with each other, games like, passing the parcel, musical chairs, antakshari, etc.

Benefits of Homestay

  1. One of its kind and Accommodations
  2. Personal touch to the service
  3. Local Knowledge
  4. Homely Food
  5. exclusive Activities

The concept of Homestay is very much interesting and today it attracts a lot of tourists due to its culture and personalized care and service. This is a profitable venture and will not disappoint you.