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Huge Demand For Commercial Space In Adibatla

Huge Demand For Commercial Space In Adibatla

In the recent years, there is a boom in Adibatla real estate market. Adibatla which is considered as the future hi-tech city of Hyderabad is becoming more famous for its huge commercial space demand.  This emerging city being located at the southern region of Hyderabad has many promising reasons behind the demand. The major reason is the “LOCATION”.  

When Government of Telangana TSIIC approved to provide massive land space for IT sectors, Aerospace projects and its ancillary companies, Adibatla in Hyderabad became more popular.  For the past 8 to 6 months, demand for commercial space has drastically raised due to the upcoming IT parks and Aerospace projects. It is also being said that 20 and more companies are under process to launch in Adibatla.

Adibatla has many prime spots at its closer proximity like International Airport, Outer Ring Road and many other popular companies like Tata Aerospace, Tata Advance Systems, Cognizant and many more.. Noticeably when TCS launched and became operational, its employees also started to occupy living spaces around Adibadla. This in turn has raised the demand for commercial spaces and is inducing other IT companies to launch in Hyderabad.

Have a look at the list of companies under ITIR cluster 2 @ Adibatla. Here these companies have covered about 79.8 sq kms which includes Adibatla as well.

  • TCS
  • Tata Advanced Systems
  • Cognizant
  • Silicon
  • Samuha Aerospace
  • BDL
  • Hardware Park
  • Fab City
  • Electronic Sez and many more companies yet to launch in Adibatla.

Many real estate investors and developers have started investing in plots in and around Adibatla, Hyderabad, for its huge business prospects.  Now “ADIBATLA” is a new hub for IT sectors. Besides IT hubs and aerospace, one can also find popular institutions and commercial sectors in Adibatla.

  • Noteworthy institutions– Visvesvaraya College of Engineering & Technology, Sphoorthy Engineering College and Sri Indu College of avanafil generic in australia treino with Pharmacy.
  • Commercial infrastructure– Mega Mart, Big Bazaar, D Mart Shopping Mall and MPM Mall.
  • Number of hospitals– Omsai Hospitals, Kamineni Hospital, Yashoda Cancer Institute and Aware Global Hospital dart the region.
  • Outer ring road connecting neighboring localities– Nadergul, Mangalpalle, Kongara Kallan and Saheb Guda accessible.

ADIBATLA has become the ultimate spot for all software and hardware companies to set their footprints.