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Hyderabad land records to be digitized soon

Hyderabad land records to be digitized soon

Land records in Hyderabad district will be digitized soon and general public can view status of any parcel of land on the Hyderabad collectorate website from January 2016.

Though the exercise of updating land records and digitizing them in the 16 mandals of the Hyderabad district started three years ago, it could not materialise due to various reasons, including lack of funds and damage to re cords due to termite attack.

The government has taken up an initiative to update and digitise land records in all 10 districts in Telangana The survey, settlement & land records department has been maintaining nearly 200 records, manually written nearly five decades ago. In fact, the district administration has records of even pre-Independence era. “To prevent termite attack and save them from moisture, we have laminated pages of the records. We have been maintaining town survey land records, which contain details of land owner, extent of land, location and nature of land (private government),”  deputy director, survey, settlement & land records, Hyderabad, M Gopal Rao told TOI.

“Many errors crept into the records while transferring data to tehsildars. As a result, hundreds of land dispute cases are pending in courts,” he added.

Now, the government has taken a decision to update old records, digitise them and make them available online.” For this exercise, we are training assistant directors and other staff on updating the records. Once the training is over, the staff will computerize all records based on a format prepared by the Hyderabad collectorate,” the official said. “Once the land records are uploaded, all parcels of land, including government (state central defence railways) and private, can be accessed at the Hyderabad collectorate official website. As a result, not only land owners concerned, but general public will get instant information. We will upload not only land records, but boundaries of every land parcel and its map,”