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Prepare your puja room

Prepare your puja room

Preparing the special space for worship in your adobe for the festive can infuse positive energy to your celebration.

Any auspicious festival in our country has a connect to our gods and goddesses. And it goes without saying that the puja room in our abodes holds an important place in our celebration. Whether it is a massive temple or a small puja room, this dedicated space needs special attention. It is believed that a home-temple with positive energy can exude a welcoming feel to the entire home. As you gear up to welcome the festive season, don’t forget to power up this special corner of your home with positive energy.

Remember, that the worship or prayer room happens to be the source of positivity in your abode. It should be so empowering that the moment you enter this space, you should get lasting positive vibes on your psyche. If you have a separate worship room in your house, ensure it has all these necessary elements in it.

Aromas and sounds

What appeals to our senses, certainly reflects a positive energy. Along with cleaning this place on a regular basis, try to fill the air here with the sweet smell of incense sticks almost throughout the day. The market offers long lasting incense sticks. You can also opt for aroma oil diffusers and a few floral scents can be ideal choice. Bells, and chimes, along with hymns and prayers make the entire ambience calm, and refreshing. Hanging bells complete the puja room decoration for festival and makes the perfect divine ambiance. Trying installing 2-4 hanging bells for the celebration.

Determining the decor

Puja room or the temple in your house should also have a unique and beautiful interior décor. It’s a holy and pious place. While choosing the décor items or other things, homeowners will have to keep these crucial aspects in mind.

Adhering to vaastu

Vaastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture, suggests special guidance for energizing the worship corner. According to it, one must place the idols of worship in the north-east direction to bring prosperity, peace of mind, wealth and happiness. So, for a festival or small house worship room, use this direction for rewarding results.

Flower power

Decorating with flowers come handy during festivals. They infuse aesthetic appeal as well as a sense of spiritual soul into the space. Along with using fresh flowers garlands, add them into this dedicated space for worship lavishly. Use flowers to create Swastika symbol on the floor of this space. For the entrance use marigold flowers toran (garland) and hang it at the door as well as on the walls. Flower petals have been used for rangoli. Flower rangoli is known as kolam or pookolam in South India. Place an oil lamp in the centre to complete the look. One can use rose petals also for the same. To make it more creative, go for water rangoli. Using an urli (an oversized widemouthed flat vessel filled with water) bring the flower creativity. Fill it with water and create interesting motifs using the flowers. You can add floating lamps for additional charm.

Infuse green

Adding some indoor plants into this place has its own charm. Yes, your indoor plants can also add an essence of freshness and greenery to the overall décor. Bamboo plants can be ideal choice.