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Get Ready To Construct Affordable Green Homes

Some time back, eco-friendly homes were considered to be a costly affair and no one wanted to indulge into it, but today when people are getting educated about its sustainable features and specifications, they want such homes. As per Mr. H C Sharatchandra, who is an environmentalist and the former chairman of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, say that opting for eco-friendly home is a good option and now you can build a 3000 square feet independent home for Rs 65 lakh itself. He says that this is possible as they have already built such homes in the past. Continue reading

Huge Demand For Commercial Space In Adibatla

In the recent years, there is a boom in Adibatla real estate market. Adibatla which is considered as the future hi-tech city of Hyderabad is becoming more famous for its huge commercial space demand.  This emerging city being located at the southern region of Hyderabad has many promising reasons behind the demand. The major reason is the “LOCATION”.   Continue reading

How To Convert Your Ancestral Property Into A Homestay

India is an incredible country and known for its heritage and rich culture. Today many tourists come to visit India to enjoy its wonderful heritage and to get a different and a lifetime experience. Some people like to spend their vacation at a beachside, while some would like to spend time in the tranquility of nature in the hill stations. Generally, visitors and tourist prefer hotel rooms, however, today the trend is changing and it’s giving space to Homestay that are great alternative for those travelers who are looking for privacy and space, which a hotel does not offer. Continue reading

Know The Area, Design And Layout Of The Flat Before Buying The Property

Planning to buy a home is a life time decision and one takes all the efforts to get the right property at the right location and make it a safe transaction. Today in this article we are going to discuss the size of the apartment, and the necessary terms attached to it.  Continue reading

Few Factors To Check When Buying An Office Space

Choosing a commercial or an office space is not a tedious task, if you plan it wisely and accurately. It is also considered as a good investment choice for those looking for rental income and capital appreciation over the long term. Let’s start this article by understanding what an office space is? Continue reading

Things To Check When Buying A Resale Flat

Exhausted moving from one apartment to another?? Here’s the answer to all your queries. Why not look for a resale flat of good value!! With ever increasing rentals on homes, it has made paying rents difficult for families.

However, resale of flats has been emerging with cost-effective values and instant shifts. The instant shift label is gaining a lot of attention on people who look for resale flats. Now you can utilize your saved money on interiors to decor your homes to make it more elegant. Continue reading

Government may resume 560 properties

With lease of 560 properties in the Secendrabad revenue division expiring and leaseholders not willing to renew them, the Telangana government will take a decision on resuming these properties soon. The issue of extending lease of the 560 properties, which are between 100 square yards and 500 square yards, came to light during a meeting Hyderabad collector Rahul Bojja had with revenue officials after he took charge recently. He asked the revenue officials to submit a report on the status of these properties.  Continue reading

Hyderabad Tops In Home Sales

A new survey by Property Research firm’s claimed that there has been a 6% hike in sales for the quarter ending 2018, when compared to the same quarter in 2017, which showed 12% dip in sales.

Among all the 6 metro cities, Hyderabad topped as the best performing real estate market with 49% sale, followed by Pune where sale rose by 22%. Bengaluru had a 5% hike, whereas sales were up in Chennai by 24 and by 27% in NCR respectively. Even the prices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, NCR and Mumbai remained stable on quarterly basis.

The study also reported that NCR has the most number of unsold piled inventories of around 300 million square feet and as estimated, it will take around 60 months to clear this inventory, followed by Mumbai which has 185 million square feet of unsold inventory, and will take 60 months to get sold. In this segment, Bengaluru was the best performer with only 152 square feet that will take 27 months to clear out the entire inventory.

According to Property Research firm’s, the new supply is also adding to the inventory and most of the properties that are getting included comes in the cost range of Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore (39%), followed by 29% in the range of Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh (29%). In all these new supplies Bengaluru and Mumbai contributed the highest by 31% and 28% respectively.


Things To Know While Getting A Second Home

In today’s hectic world, people are jammed with plenty of work and they do not have time to think about relaxing. To take a break and relax yourself it is better to have a second home. When you desire to acquire a second home, it is certainly for enjoying and resting on your weekend or for getting the house for lease for extra profit.

If you are thinking to get a second home there are some basic facts that you should follow before investing on it.

Home with Precise Values & Returns

  1. The home you acquire should not only have high value but also give good returns.
  2. Get proper guidance before buying a property, so that you need not regret in future.
  3. Make sure that you’re focused and clear with your preferences.

Choose the Perfect Locality

  1. Look for homes that have everything you require for you to live. Moreover if you want a home to spend your day offs then look for an exotic locality by inquiring it with the concern locality realty agent.
  2. Besides, if you require a house after your retirement, then check for places which has excellent healthcare centers, malls and connectivity.

Ensure Good Maintenance

  1. The most important of all the above is maintenance, ensure that proper maintenance is catered if you are leasing your property.
  2. Never forget to insure since the second home comes under primary category and it should have the best maintenance.

Look for Better Mortgages

  1. The realty market values keep changing, so try avoiding the colorful offers your investor provides.
  2. Make sure you get the perfect and reliable deals, in order to have a secure and hassle free homes.

Evaluate the Extra Charges

  1. Always remember to add your insurance and maintenance charges when evaluating the cost on your second house.
  2. If unexpected calamities like floods, forest fires and hurricanes come your way, it is better to insure your homes at the earliest for a safe living.

Reduce Cost on Partial Ownership

  1. When you go for a second home, try to have partnership with your friends or your relations, in order to cut down your cost
  2. Get or lease your second homes at appropriate market prices, so that both the ends will be satisfied.
  3. The above all can assure you a trouble free holiday or living.

Tax Benefits

  1. When it comes to tax benefits, you can be benefited by leasing your home for 15 days in a year. In such cases taxes on rental income is not required.
  2. If your home is leased out for more than 15 days in a year, then the rental income is accountable. In such situations, you can deduct your expenditures on maintenance, renovation and repairs.

Keeping all these facts in mind, explore wisely and choose the best out of it for a second home which caters you with seamless profits for lifetime.