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The basic difference between a living and a drawing room

The basic difference between a living and a drawing room

The terms ‘living room’ and ‘sitting room’ are synonymous as they refer to a space in the house used for socializing, relaxing and entertaining guests. Even though both the terms are used interchangeably, they differ on many counts. Here are a few explanations to clear out the confusion.

Living Room and Drawing Room- How they came into existence?

The term ‘drawing room’ was first coined in the 16th century and later in the 19th-century, people started using the term ‘living room’ more preferably. The latter term became an extension of the concept of the drawing room.

Living Room and Drawing Room- What are the key differences?

Living room-

The living area is usually found located in the centre of the house.

It is also referred to as the lounge or sitting room.

A dedicated space to family members where they can gather up together to spend some quality time. Since the room is meant for family entertainment and recreation, it is rarely used for welcoming guests to enjoy more casual and candid discussions.

Drawing room

It is commonly used for entertaining guests. Guests are welcomed to the drawing room where they can have dinner with the homeowners and other members of the house. We can say drawing room is regarded as a more formal space.

Let us learn a bit more about it:


Living room- as mentioned above, a living room is usually spotted in the middle of the home as an extension of the dining area. You often come across the living room after crossing the drawing space, although sometimes both the rooms are meant for the same utility purpose.

Drawing room- This area of the house is typically found near the entrance so that guests can come directly inside the room. Besides, it avoids guests from having to pass through other rooms while getting inside the house.


Living room- It is normally the biggest room in the entire house, decorated with elegant pieces of furniture like a centre table, a TV table, an armchair, floor lamps, decorative items like portraits, etc. The walls are spruced up with family photo frames, and other beautiful pieces of artwork. Drawing room- This is a more formal space, often well-groomed and neatly decked up with bookshelves, sofa sets, a centre table, etc. The tone of the room is more formal since guests are welcomed here to sit and discuss important matters. The decor is maintained simpler and is meant to be mainly functional.

The basic difference between a living and a drawing room

Tones and mood

Living room- The colours used on the walls or on the cabinets have to accentuate with the mood of the rest of the house.

Drawing room- This sitting space has more pleasant and light colours that exude a pleasing setting for the guests.

In many houses, the living room and the drawing space are one big area located in the same spot of the house. In that case, you need to mix and match the above-mentioned ideas to create a harmonious setting. Whatever colours you choose for the wall, select the types of furnishings or decorative items, the ultimate thought is to create a cosy, yet sophisticated ambience for moods of discussions and activities.