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Vaastu guidelines to follow while buying a new house this festive season

Vaastu guidelines to follow while buying a new house this festive season

Most people in India believe buying a new house during the festive season (October-January) is auspicious as it brings good health, wealth and happiness. Besides, if you buy a home that is built in compliance with Vaastu Shastra, it will even bring more positive energy to your home. The real estate developers also launch several new projects in this time period and offer some good deals and discounts for the potential home buyers.

Why should you consider Vaastu a prominent factor in home buying?

Vaastu is a science of architecture that adds value to one’s life. According to the traditional Hindu Shastra, a house built with the right combination of Panchtatva (fire, water, air, earth, and space) will create good vibes promoting peace and prosperity in your life. A Vaastu compliant house will help you attain this. You could also see our ancient Indian architectures being built in this norm to maintain a harmonious living condition. This shows that Vaastu Shastra is being practiced from the age-old times for a well-balanced life. While buying a house is being considered the biggest achievement for a commoner these days, there shouldn’t be a fault in it. Therefore, considering Vaastu is really important when you buy your dream home.

Here are some Vaastu tips that you could take into consideration (either it is an apartment/flat, a house/villa) while buying a new home in the festive season.

Substantiating Elements of Nature with Directions


Directions play a key role in houses constructed with the principles of Vaastu Shastra. Each direction indicates either positive or negative effects of the house. Following are some tips to choose a perfect Vaastu compliant home.

  • House facing direction- North/North West

Choose a house/property that faces the north/north-west direction as it promotes good health and wealth. Avoid a house/property in the south-west direction because it is regarded inauspicious and could also bring misfortune to you. The entry of the house is said to bring positive energy, hence it is important to choose the right direction for it. Also, check for the main door opening inside or clockwise for letting in good vibes.

  • Pooja Room- North East
  • Master Bedroom- South West
  • Kitchen-South East/ North West
  • Store Room- South West
  • Toilet & Bathroom- West/ North West
  • Basement & Car Parking- North/ East

Have an eye on the central space of the house. It should be free of any structural hindrance since this is where positivity spreads and the free flow of energies are stimulated promoting balance and harmony of the house.

Other Generic Vaastu Norms

Vaastu Shastra includes even the color of the house to determine our wellness. Red and black color paint should be avoided as they are considered inauspicious. Look over if the house is constructed with good ventilation and lighting. Examine if the ceiling of the room has five corners because it would negative effects on the family.

While the basic Vaastu principles for buying a house is justified, here are some in specific to be followed during the festive season.

A clean and well-maintained house, in general, enhances the positive energy in the house, so it is a must to keep the house and surroundings clean. The festive season is the best time to declutter your home. Below are some cleanliness guidelines to be followed during this time period.

  • Get rid of unnecessary things or things that have not been in use for years.
  • Dispose of used newspapers, unwanted books, clothes, utensils and footwear.
  • Grow some plants like Neem, Tulsi and Guava to bring in positivity.
  • Rearrange and organize your things.
  • Paint your rooms and use white lights for the brightness of the room.
  • Decorate your house/Pooja Room with some good flowers.

Following these practices will help you lead a well-balanced, prosperous and healthy life. Buy your dream home this festive season and bring in more values to your life!