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Why should you prefer buying an eco-friendly house?

Why should you prefer buying an eco-friendly house?

 In this globalization era, technology is the heart of our society and economy. We are dependent on technology for almost everything as it makes our life easier and more convenient. Rampant use of it has put our lives at risk and caused environmental degradation to a large extent. Adapting eco-friendly lifestyle is the way out for a healthy life and environment. In the present days, nature-friendly products are used in all fields, be it cosmetics, clothes, materials and even houses/commercial spaces.

Going green in building construction, either residential or commercial, is the recent trend being spread all over our country and the world. Several builders and developers also design and construct houses/commercial spaces in the nature-friendly methods catering to people’s requirements.

Here, let’s see why you should buy an eco-friendly house and how it’s mutually beneficial for you and the environment.

A nature-friendly house benefits various fields in various aspects. Find a brief overview of it.

Mankind: Healthy and long life by providing good air, ventilation, natural light. You can live in the heart of the city acculturating the green features in your home. Combat depression and be peaceful.

Environment: Reduced pollution, conservation of energy, recycled materials, and lee waste disposal keep the surrounding in good health. Stable weather and climate and ample resources are available for the next generation.

Building: Enhances the life of a building, low maintenance cost and a better resale value.

Health is Wealth

Being healthy is what matters the most in our life. Eco-friendly or green homes ensure you have a better health providing good air quality, ventilation and natural light. Constructing a house with natural building materials such as autoclaved aerated concrete for external walls and fly ash bricks for inner walls naturally protect you from heat as they are natural insulators. These will also increase the lifespan of a building. Residential apartments/houses with lush green trees and plants, landscaped gardens, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, solar power and other environmentally friendly methods help you promote good health and stay longer.

 Longer Life Span for Buildings & Better Resale Value

Construction of a house using sustainable building materials gives long life to the building without decreasing its value. Using nature-friendly materials like recycled steel, bamboo, cork, recycled wood and metal, precast concrete slabs in the construction will provide a longer durability to the building and conserve energy as well. Though buying an eco-friendly apartment/ house is a little expensive in the beginning, the value for money is not lost in the future with the long-standing and environmentally effective structure. These sustainable measures will increase property appreciation, too. If you decide to sell your house after a particular time period, you will definitely have a better resale value.

Low Maintenance- Save Money                                                         

You don’t need to keep on spending a large sum of money even after buying your house. Paying high maintenance is the common difficulty that each homebuyer faces nowadays. Buying an eco-friendly house, you only need to spend less money on maintenance because sustainable materials like chemical free paints; usage of renewable energies such as solar power and other recycled materials don’t require much money as they come naturally. Natural methods of pest control and mold prevention will save more money. Look for the longer benefits instead of thinking twice on spending money initially.

 Save the Environment

Good air quality by planting trees; less waste generation due to effective sewage treatment plants; good water with rainwater harvesting technique; energy conservation using renewable energy source, recycled materials and reduced pollution with chemical-free paints all benefit the environment for a better life to the mankind and other living things in the world. Putting in smaller efforts will even make a big, positive impact on the environment, so it’s the best option to buy an eco-friendly house that saves you, your family and the environment, too.

Real Estate Developers, too Gain Much

Since most people are now aware of the sustainable development, eco-friendly homes are in much demand in the market. The government also supports builders/companies that adopt eco-friendly measures by providing many relief measures such as faster home approvals, tax evasion for green buildings, reduced property taxes and reduction in developmental charges.

In major metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune, eco-friendly construction is boosted in both commercials as well as residential sectors. There is a high demand for eco-friendly apartment/flats projects in these metro cities benefitting the real estate market.

Contributing Your Part for a Greener Environment

Buying an eco-friendly apartment/flat, you indirectly support the environment reducing energy emissions, saving water, reducing pollution and effective waste management. Investing in green homes make you fulfill your fundamental duty as a citizen “to protect and improve the natural environment” by adopting sustainable developmental methods.

Here, we suggest you some tips on how to buy an eco-friendly house.

 Enquire if the builder is a registered one, expertized in building green homes

Look for the method of construction- solar energy, waste management, natural cooling and heating effect, effective waste disposal system, rainwater harvesting, etc. Well-ventilated windows, balconies, spacious rooms, and other such things.

Last Words

While buying a house is your big dream in life, you should take a wise decision on it. Invest in an eco-friendly house/apartment and gain long-term environmental and health benefits. Conserve natural resources, use them judicially and pave way for the next generation. Live longer and keep the environment healthy!