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Planning to buy a plot? Be aware of these terminologies!

Planning to buy a plot? Be aware of these terminologies!

When you set out buy kamagra pills tablets nudez reveals erectile in the search of plots around various corridors of Hyderabad, you will find many options. These vary from one region to another. Some developers offer you planning authority approved plots like HMDA approved plots’, DTCP approved plots’, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority  approved plots’ and the likes. There are many others who offer plots like ‘Revenue sites’ and ‘DC converted sites’’ But what’s the difference between all these? Which is the ideal to buy? S Srishailam, a real-estate advocate for over 30 years, explained to Northface on how to understand this aspect. The gist of the conversation has been summed up here.

What types of plots are up for sale in Hyderabad and surrounding areas?

Some of the major types of sites offered by developers include:

Planning authority approved plots

  1. Revenue sites
  2. LRS-converted plots
  3. Panchayat-approved plots

What are planning authority approved plots?

These are the plots that have been formed after obtaining relevant permissions from nodal agencies like HMDA, DTCP, and the like. These plots are legal and come without any future hassles. However, one must not forget to check if the developer has the release orders for selling plots and other legal due diligence is a must.

What are revenue sites?

Revenue plots are those that have got permission for conversion from agricultural usage to non-agricultural purposes. Apart from this, these plots mostly do not have any other valid permits and are termed as illegal. Most of the banks do not offer loans to buy such plots. Though not legally valid, sale of revenue plots is rampant and unregulated by the government.

What are LRS-converted sites?

LRS-converted sites are the same as revenue plots. It’s just another term signifying that the permission for conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural or residential purpose has been granted by the District Collector.

What are panchayat-approved plots?

When an area comes under the purview of a planning authority, there is no way that a local panchayat can give approval for formation of plots or layouts. Panchayat’s role comes into picture only if the panchayat has been given powers under certain housing or residential schemes.

However, many developers form layouts by taking panchayat’s approval, even though the designated piece of land comes under the jurisdiction of a planning authority. This is illegal and might lead to problems in the future.

Also make use of government Apps like Bhoomi and Dishaank to check if the land title is clear. Also determine that the plot doesn’t belong to the government or come under the purview of a forest, lake or it’s buffer zones.


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