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Where Do You Prefer To Live City Or Village?

Where Do You Prefer To Live City Or Village?

Today many people migrate to big cities for job opportunities and tend to settle down with their family as city offers many other amenities that are not available in village. However, when the same person gets old, he definitely would like to go back to his roots and enjoy his retirement days. As you know, today many retirement homes are coming up and all are in a calm and peaceful locality, such as Nalgonda, Nizamabad and Jangam.

There are many people who live a stressful life in city, and for them the village life looks appealing. But, every place has its own advantage, let’s look into the advantages of city life and village life:

Advantages of City Life

Transportation Today transportation is getting better in cities, with metros and monorail coming up to ease the traffic congestion. You plan to go somewhere, you can immediately plan your travel the way you want with many facilities available at your disposal. If you don’t want to travel far every day, then you can buy a residential property that is close to all city landmarks and is surrounded by good schools and other facilities. Today many builders are constructing housing projects, keeping in mind the basic needs of people. All these commutation services are not readily available in villages.

 Cultural life: If you are a person, who is interested in attending art galleries, going for shopping and eating out on a regular basis, then the city life is for you. In city, you get to meet different kind of people every day, but in smaller towns, you just cannot find such opportunities and this is the reason why people move out from villages. Cities have ocean of opportunities when it comes to work and education. As people are migrating from villages, there is a wide need of housing resulting in expansion of real estate.

Advantages of Rural Life

Open space: Open space is the need of the hour and this can be easily found in villages. Every house will have some space in front and back that can be utilised for various purposes, kids can play or one can practise gardening or farming, depending on the space.  The breeze in the morning is fresh and not polluted like in cities. This is the life which is wanted by many in cities, and surely it can be fulfilled as many builders are moving towards villages and constructing eco-friendly homes and they do come cheap when compared to city’s price.

Community: Villages still have that old-charm of community living. You tend to know each and everyone around you, but in city it’s not the same, you don’t even know who your neighbor’s are. Inspired by community living of villages, builders are today constructing gated communities to bring back the concept of living together.

Seeing the advantages, one cannot judge which part is better, but today with increasing technology people are benefitting in city life. Village life is good, but its benefits those who prefer calm and quite surroundings amidst greenery. Today many builders are there who have been doing the surveys and are constructing homes inspired by villages and offering facilities like long walking tracks, spice and herb gardens, orchards, kids play area, park with sitting arrangements for elderly and much more.