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With the growing interest of NRI’s at investing back home in India calls for specialized and professional valuation services to assess the property purchase decisions. NorthFace advisory team in India is pioneer in providing accurate, credible and timely property valuations.  


NorthFace belives in personal verification and inspection is the only way to assure best buy. NorthFace is a service provider that offers visual confirmation and personalized report completed onsite, by an expert after examining the property. 

Our approach to service delivery helps clients across the globe to manage risk of buying property back home in India and enhances value buying. We enable our clients to focus on their core day to day activities and work by evaluating their property related decisions with total efficiency - and always with the aim of maximising the value. We’ve invested in people and technology, creating a property consultancy service, ironing out inefficiencies and adding value all the time.  


We pride ourselves our bright, motivated and committed team of experts and our hands on VPV approach to solving your property verification and valuation issues Purchasing property be it for own use or as an investment is a significant event in one’s life. So before you decide on the property, a simple VPV can save you from repenting at leisure.  

  1. Basic Report:

The Basic property report gives you complete look and feel of the property with NorthFace's set of eyes. This report helps the buyer to get in touch with how the locality is, sighting the important landmarks around the area.This report provides with a visual feel with couple of photographs and exclusive NorthFace Expert advice on the property proposed to buy. 

(Download Sample Basic Service Report)  

  2. Premium Report:

The Premium property report gives you detailed information including the estimate of current market value, title details and Encumberence Certificate. This report makes you knowledgeable about the neighbourhood, surroundings with few photographs and a video. Apart from the free information this report has NorthFace comments, Exclusive Expert advice and suggestions to buy or reject the proposed property. 

(Download Sample Premimum Report )  

  3. Custom Report:

The Custom report gives you that details in particular which the buyer/client specifically requests NorthFace to do so. The report is exclusively based on the buyer/client request. If the Buyer/Client wishes to find about exact title details or Encumberence certificate or precisely on Legal opinion or specifically on the construction progress of the venture or any other explicit appeal, NorthFace can offer the same. For a specific personalized view of the property this is the best and worthy report. 

(Previleged Service Report Available On Request )