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Property Verification Services in Hyderabad

Property Verification Services in Hyderabad

Property Verfication Hyderabad

At present, properties are registered, but to identify real owners is very tough, thereby leading to litigation on titles. Often, buyers are advised to hire property consultants to ensure that the property titles are in place. Real estate frauds seem to be on the rise in big cities in India with a drastic 10-time increase from 2009. Land mafia which is prevalent in Hyderabad and all the Tier-1 cities in India is responsible for encroachment of unattended properties using forged documents.


There are several chances to get tricked by the frauds in real estate. NorthFace is offering a wide range of Property Verification Documents, Scrutinize Services to the prospective buyers. The property verification service is only for protecting the counterfeit and controversial property.


Our NorthFace expert team carries out an all-inclusive investigation on the following basis:

  • Investigation of Title
  • Authentication of the revenue (Patta) records
  • Originality of documents
  • Review of the ownership details
  • Analysis & assessment of the property
  • Property tax dues
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Suitable approvals from particular authorities.