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Structural Safety Certificate: How To Procure It?

Structural Safety Certificate: How To Procure It?

Structural Safety Certificate and its importance when moving to a new home. Structural Safety Certificate is as important as any other documents while buying a home. People like V. Suresh, Vice Chairman of National Building Code of India and former CMD HUDCO say that all the building constructed should be appropriately designed, planned and constructed under the right way and supervision for good quality and safe construction depending on the location of the building vulnerable to natural calamities, like earthquake, floods, hurricane, cyclone, landslide etc.

How a building should be constructed:

Step1: Design phase – to be designed by an expert panel of architects, engineers and structural engineers.

Step 2: After designing, it has to be certified by a professional who will check if the designs is based on all the safety features of the building by-laws of the respected city or the National Building Code of India for all safety measures.

Setp3: Then only the construction should start.

Process of acquiring the certificate

The building permit will be given, once the Municipal Department is satisfied with the compliance. The department has to be satisfied on all fronts, the safety components, approved plans, features, specifications and designs and then only the completion and occupancy certificate should be made available to the builder. It’s a kind of joint responsibility of the builder and the Municipal Department. The main responsibility is the builder and his professional team of architects, engineers and structural engineers to design and safeguard the structure and the second responsibility is of the Municipal Department to check all those before releasing the Occupancy Certificate.

The whole process is taken place in India but it’s not as per the guidelines of National Building Code of India.

Experts say that to ensure safety and quality of the building, everyone, such as builders, architects and engineers should work towards it and come out with the best outcome. Perhaps, now the government will work towards it owning to the recent earthquake that has happened in Nepal and they will be more vigilant, while all the guidelines will be followed when planning and penis teilen 5 lebensmittel die in ihr fruhstuck designing the projects.