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Property disputes dominate Hyderabad civic body cases pending in SC

Land disputes dominate the majority of appeals involving the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

Of 21 pending trials, the civic body is handling 14 of them pertaining to property disputes. These include encroachment on government land, land acquisition disputes, land grabbing, etc. Six other appeals to the Supreme Court involve service-related matters, mainly pay disputes. Continue reading

Dharani portal yielding desired results: Telangana chief minister

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday said that the Dharani portal, which was brought in to ensure that the farmers would not face any problems while selling, purchasing, registering and getting mutation of agriculture lands, is winstrol pct the civil guard maritime service giving the desired results.

He expressed satisfaction that the farmers are able to do registrations, sale and purchase and mutations within minutes without bribing any one, using any influence or running around the offices. The CM said in the two months period, 1.6 lakh booked the slots and of them, 80,000 have already completed their registrations. Continue reading

Government Provides Rs 30 Cr for Khammamam Infrastructure Developments

A GO has been issued by the State Government giving administrative sanctions for the release of Rs 30 crore to various developmental activities in Khammam city.

While his visit to Khammam on December 7, IT, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao had guaranteed that, the government would approve Rs 30 crore for the development of roads in the city response to a request made by Khammam MLA and Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar. Continue reading

What is TDR in land?

Transferable Development Rights (TDR) is a method by which developers can purchase the development rights of certain parcels within a designated “sending district” and transfer the rights to another “receiving district” to increase the density of their new development. It is used for controlling land use to complement land-use planning and zoning for more effective urban growth management and land conservation. Continue reading

Telangana Govt Given New GO, No property registrations in unapproved layouts and buildings

Henceforth, properties in unauthorized layouts, apartments and buildings without sanctioned plans of the civic bodies will not be registered. The Registration and Stamps department has wie kann ich spater kommen eine biologische uhr issued a memo on 26/08/2020,  directing all the sub-registrars to insist on layout approval or building permission copy for property registrations. This is applicable to the plots that have already registered and are going for second sale (resale). Continue reading

Hyderabad Tops In Home Sales

A new survey by Property Research firm’s claimed that there has been a 6% hike in sales for the quarter ending 2018, when compared to the same quarter in 2017, which showed 12% dip in sales.

Among all the 6 metro cities, Hyderabad topped as the best performing real estate market with 49% sale, followed kamagra 100 mg ajanta pharma welche routine muss by Pune where sale rose by 22%. Bengaluru had a 5% hike, whereas sales were up in Chennai by 24 and by 27% in NCR respectively. Even the prices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, NCR and Mumbai remained stable on quarterly basis.

The study also reported that NCR has the most number of unsold piled inventories of around 300 million square feet and as estimated, it will take around 60 months to clear this inventory, followed by Mumbai which has 185 million square feet of unsold inventory, and will take 60 months to get sold. In this segment, Bengaluru was the best performer with only 152 square feet that will take 27 months to clear out the entire inventory.

According to Property Research firm’s, the new supply is also adding to the inventory and most of the properties that are getting included comes in the cost range of Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore (39%), followed by 29% in the range of Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh (29%). In all these new supplies Bengaluru and Mumbai contributed the highest by 31% and 28% respectively.


Destination Bhongir

Bhongir is a rising town near Hyderabad and offers peaceful living options. The area has seen traction and is likely to rise as a residential area.

Bhuvangiri, a municipality of Nalgonda district, is situated 39 km from Hyderabad. It is located near National Highway 163. The Secunderabad-Warangal Route and Secunderabad-Bhongir MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit) connect it to the main city. Public transportation is easily available in and around this locality. Continue reading

Real Estate Is Moving Towards Elderly Homes

Why Real Estate Is Moving Towards Elderly Homes

Who doesn’t dream of a retirement life that is free of worries? Well, almost everyone. To fulfill this desire of a retired person, builders are coming up with retirement homes or elderly homes. Such elderly homes are not the traditional kind; but they are simply awesome with all the facilities provided.


Why this upgrade by builders?

Today many elderly people are financially independent but are lonely as the younger generation spends their time traveling across globe or is settled in some other city due to job opportunities. In such situations they are left alone and feel unsecure. This is the time when elderly person thinks of moving to a retirement home that provide them a safe environment and they can spend their free time in an active manner by involving themselves in various hobbies and indoor sports.

For builders this was the right opportunity to conceptualize the retirement homes for the benefit of elderly people and provide them the best in safe conditions. Factors that contribute to the growing trend of retirement homes in India:

  1. Fast changing mindsets
  2. Longer life spans
  3. Growing wealth
  4. Concept of nuclear kamagrashop de anatomy zusammenfassung kamagrashop family growing
  5. Need for companionship at an old age

Concept of elderly homes

Concept of elderly homes is not new, but the way it is seen has been changed and modified by the developers and builders. Previously old age home is now changed to  senior citizen homes or retirement homes, and now it is willingly accepted by the elderly people as it offer good and comfortable living. The concept of retirement homes has been borrowed from US and Australia where it is quite popular and widely accepted. Retirement homes builders are witnessing ocean full of opportunities in the future with many people opting for retirement homes knowing its benefits.

Huge market for retirement homes 

Broadly, India has 100 million elderly people, and if you take around 5% of them as the middle class, it will be like 5 million people. Number is quire huge and this gives a rise to construction of elderly or retirement homes. There are so many builders who are concentrating only in this segment, like Covai Senior Care Constructions, Antara Senior Living, Ashiana Housing, etc.

Leading real estate companies like Tata Housing have launched 12 projects across India with an investment of Rs. 1200 crore and it is estimated to get over by 2018.

Recent trends 

Today, retirement homes are regarded as a secure and peaceful place for a retired person. However, it’s not only limited to elderly people, even young people who are interested can invest in this prospect as the value of such property may increase over the years. Besides, it can also fetch good rental returns. At present, the price of retirement homes have appreciated by over 40% when compared to normal housing projects.

My take on retirement homes 

If you are charmed by the idea of spending your retirement life in a peaceful and good company then it is the right time to invest in retirement homes, even if you are young, you can invest in it and rent such property and use it when it is time for you.