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Telangana’s chief minister launches Dharani for transparent land deals

Telangana’s chief minister launches Dharani for transparent land deals

The integrated land web portal Dharani was launched by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao at Muduchintalapally mandal in Medchal-MalkajgirI district on October 29. The CM said that Dharani would be a trendsetter in the country as many states were keenly following it to replicate the process in their respective territories.

The CM also said that the government was not increasing property registration rates. He said the state government was working towards giving a comprehensive title to land owners after completing land digital survey and recording land parcels with coordinates in near future. “Once land survey with coordinates is done, records cannot be tampered with,” he said.

He said that though the state’s finances had dwindled due to the pandemic and the Centre did not pay GST arrears, the state government had released funds for Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bima. “Rythu Bandhu scheme will continue as long as I am alive,” he said.

Speaking at a public meeting after launching the land portal, KCR said property registrations through Dharani would put an end to illegal transactions. “From now on, property sellers, buyers and respective tahsildars will have to provide biometrics for completing the registration process. Tahsildars cannot claim that property was transferred illegally without his or her knowledge,” he said. Government, waqf, endowments and forest land would be in autolock mode and cannot be registered, he said.

Agriculture property registrations in all tahsildar offices and non-agriculture property registrations in sub-registrar offices would begin in another 15 days. “All the open plot owners have to get their property registered on Dharani. If they do not want to make their properties visible, they can opt for ‘hide’ option. Dharani backup is completely protected. If anybody loses his or her land title through Dharani malpractices, the government will pay compensation to the land owner,” KCR announced.

On Dharani transactions, the CM said the registration process through the portal would be hassle-free and transparent. “We have removed discretionary powers of officers,” he said.

KCR said he had decided to put an end to land issues in the state five years ago and began working towards finding a permanent solution. The land records updation programme was one such initiatives. “Even CMO officials and others had doubts if we would be able to achieve the desired results. But I decided to go ahead. We held about 200 meetings on Dharani,” he claimed.

Drawing parallel to Telangana statehood movement, he said he launched it, people thought it won’t be possible. “But now, we have proved it.” Telangana is now top in the country in GSDP, per capita power consumption and paddy production, he added.