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What is TDR in land?

What is TDR in land?

Transferable Development Rights (TDR) is a method by which developers can purchase the development rights of certain parcels within a designated “sending district” and transfer the rights to another “receiving district” to increase the density of their new development. It is used for controlling land use to complement land-use planning and zoning for more effective urban growth management and land conservation.

TDR Bank

Severed TDRs can be held (“banked”) and auctioned off for future use in TDR receiving areas. For example, several municipalities in Lancaster County have acquired TDRs from landowners in township-designated sending areas and held them in a TDR bank. Once banked, those TDRs could either be retired by the elected officials or sold to a developer.


How To Apply

TDR application may be submitted by A Citizen or GHMC Officer
Any Citizen who is surrendering / has surrendered his land, free of cost, to GHMC for public purpose may apply to avail ‘Transferable Development Right’ Certificate. Click on ‘Apply Now’ link
A) Fill your personal details and land details.
B) Click on Save button. Your TDR Application number is displayed with Success message.
C) Upload At least THREE documents (Sale Deed, Encumbrance Certificate & Market Value Certificate)
D) Submit the application.
E) You will receive a SMS and Email notifying the submitted TDR application.


Procedure and Guidelines for Digital Conversion of existing Transferrable Development Right (TDR) Certificate

Digital Conversion of TDR Certificates:

As part of Integration with the Online TDR Bank Application, GHMC has intended to digitize the existing manual TDR Certificates to Digital Format in order to facilitate the TDR holders to transact further in the Online Application. It is mandatory to convert the existing TDR Certificates into Digital Format, since the utilization / sale of TDR Certificate is permitted only through Digital Certificates. This is applicable for only available balance area TDR Certificates. The TDR holder needs to submit a filled and singed Self Declaration Form (available in TDR Website → Instructions Tab → TDR Self Declaration Form) along with an Aadhaar copy and TDR Copy. At the time of submission of application, the TDR holder shall present original TDR and Original Aadhaar Card for verification After submission of the documents, the same will be processed for Issue of Digital Certificate.

The TDR holders will be provided with the Login credentials (User ID and password) which will enable them login into the Online TDR Bank application and make sale or transfer or utilization of TDR online. A Special Cell at Head Office, Town Planning Section (HO) is made available, which will facilitate in receiving and guiding the process of Digitalization.

  • What Is TDR?

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) means making available certain amount of additional built up area in lieu of the area relinquished or surrendered by the owner of the land, so that he can use extra built up area either himself or transfer it to another in need of the extra built up area for an agreed sum of money.

  • Development Rights Certificate (DRC), Whether Transferable / Inheritable:

If the owner of any land which is required for road widening for formation of new roads or development of parks, play grounds, civic amenities etc., those proposed in the plan shall be eligible for the award of Transferable Development Rights. Such award will entitle the owner of the land in the form of a Development Rights Certificate (DRC). Which he may use for himself or transfer to any other person.

  • What Are The Rules & GO’s Applicable For TDR?

Rule 17 of G.O Ms. No.168, Dt:7.4.2012 and as amended vide G.O Ms. No.330, Dt:28.12.2017
Rule 17:
a. Transferable Development Right” (TDR) can be awarded only when such lands are transferred to the local body / Urban Development Authority as the case may be by way of registered gift deed. The award would be in the form of a TDR certificate issued by the Competent Authority / Sanctioning Authority.
b. Grant of TDR can be considered by the Competent Authority / Sanctioning Authority for the following areas subject to the owners complying with the conditions of development above, as per the following norms:
(i) For the Master Plan Road / Road Development Plan undertaken and developed / peripheral road provided in Group Development Schemes: equivalent to 400% of such area surrendered. For conservation and development of lakes / water bodies / Nalas foreshores & Recreational buffer development with greenery etc: equivalent to 200% of such recreational buffer area developed at his cost.
(ii) For Heritage buildings and heritage precincts maintained with adaptive reuse: equivalent to 100% of built up area of such site area.
c. The TDR may be arrived at on the basis of relative land value and equivalent amount in both export and Import areas, as per the Registration Department records. The Competent Authority shall have the discretion in the matter of applicability of TDR. The TDR shall not be allowed in unauthorized buildings / structures / constructions and shall be considered only after the land is vested with the local authority / UDA. The TDR certificate issued would be valid or utilized / disposed only within the concerned local body area and as per guidelines and conditions prescribed.

  • Are There Any Guidelines On Transfereable Development Rights?

In order to adopt uniform guidelines throughout the State the following conditions and guidelines are prescribed.
(i) As and when the owner of the building intends to construct the building in the remaining area of the site, he is entitled to construct the building as per the provisions of these Building Rules. In the event the owner doesn’t take up any construction, the owner is entitled for TDR which can be used I disposed depending on convenience.
(ii)A composite Register shall be maintained by the Sanctioning Authority as per the proforma enclosed at Annexure -VIII on the award of TDR and its sale / disposal and utilization. A responsible officer shall be the custodian of the Register.
(iii)At the time of sale / disposal / utilization of a particular TDR, the utilization details of the sale / disposal need to be entered at relevant columns in the register and that therefore the relevant file need to be referred to the custodian of the Register for making necessary entries in the register. The custodian is held responsible to enter relevant details in the register and also to enter utilization details in the TDR. When TDR Certificate is sold / utilized totally, the same shall be surrendered by the owners and the custodian shall take possession of the Certificate and make necessary entries in the register. As per Government Orders, TDR award is to be arrived on the basis of relevant land value at both export and import areas as per prevailing Registration value.
(iv)TDR can either be sold or can be utilized by the same owner depending on convenience. (v) TDR can be allowed to be utilized for construction of two additional floors over the normal permissible floors without insisting additional setbacks and without insisting higher road width for example in normal course the maximum height permissible on roads 12m (40 feet) width is 24m, but with TDR two additional floors can be allowed without insisting additional setbacks and without insisting higher road width.
(vi)Every TDR sold or disposed shall be accompanied by a prescribed agreement on Rs.l00/ – non-judiciary stamp paper between the person disposing the TDR and the person who intend to utilize the TDR. Draft agreement as per Annexure – XI.

  • What Documents Are Required With Application For Grant Of Transferable Development Right Certificate?

Application to be made by owner in the prescribed format giving the following details:
(i) Name of the owner with clear address, contact phone number, etc.
(ii) Copy of the ownership documents along with clear site plan and location plan.
(iii) Site Plan showing the land surrendered, its extent, location with dimensions.
(iv) Building permission Plan for the site by the urban local body.
(v) Details of Building permission granted / applied for like use or purpose of building, number of floors permitted, all-round setbacks, floor area permitted and utilized, parking area permitted; etc.
(vi) Whether already benefit of relaxations been utilized for the site?
(vii) Whether any Court case is pending against Urban Local Body?
(viii) Land value of the site where TDR is to be availed (latest copy from concerned Sub ¬Registrar to be enclosed)
(ix) TDR admissible in terms of sq.m and equivalent land value.

  • What Circumstances TDR Is Issued?

When the Government undertakes compulsory acquisition of individual land parcels for creating infrastructural projects, it is required to compensate the land owners. The compensation provided by the Government is usually lower than the market rate, and hence they introduced the concept of Transferable Development Rights. The owners of landlocked properties that are to be acquired may not be compensated in cash, which usually keeps the acquisition procedure in impasse for years, as seen in many of the city’s trailing development projects, but be entitled with Transferable Development Rights (TDR).These rights are obtained in the form of certificates, which the owner can use for himself or can trade in the market for cash.

  • How To Get The Advantages Of TDR For Beneficiaries?

TDR allows the developers to exceed the mandatory FAR and allow them to build additional floors in a building. The greatest advantage of TDR is its flexibility in use — it can either be used by the landowner on the remaining portion of the land after the acquisition or be utilised on any other property of personal choice. It can also be traded to other parties for an agreed sum of money.

  • What Is The Process Of TDR Trading?

As these TDR certificates can be traded in the market for cash, most of the developers purchase the same and utilize them for increasing their permissible development rights. TDR trading follows the open market principle wherein the pricing is entirely driven by demand, supply and availability and there is no Government control over the same. In most of the cases, an average person does not get to know about the way TDR is bought, sold or transacted.

  • I Have A 300 Sq. Yds. Of Plot. How Many Floors Can I Build With Utilization Of TDR Certificate?

As per prevailing rules, in normal course you can construct Stilt (for parking) + 3 upper floors. By utilizing the TDR certificate, you can construct additional floor (4th floor) with the same setbacks.

  • I Have Constructed An Additional Floor Without Permission From GHMC. Can I Get The Same Regularized By Utilizing TDR Certificate?

No. TDR certificate cannot be utilized for regularization of unauthorized additional floors constructed.

  • I Have Purchased A Plot Earlier. Now They Say That The Plot Falls In FTL Area Of Lake. What Is My Position And What Compensation Can I Get For Land Affected.

There is no need to worry now. During the year 2017, Telangana Government have issued orders for granting of TDR equivalent to 200% of area surrendered for lands affected under development of lakes / water bodies / Nalas foreshores & Recreational buffer development with greenery etc., Accordingly, you are also eligible to get TDR Certificate of 200% (2 times) of the land affected under FTL area and upon selling the TDR certificate there will be a good monetary benefit.

  • Is There Any Time Limit For Utilization Of TDR Certificate?

TDR Certificate can be utilized at any time and also in multiple transactions till the availability of value of TDR certificate issued. Once the value of the TDR certificate issued is completely exhausted, the TDR certificate becomes null and void.

  • My Land Is Affected Under Master Plan Road And 50% Of Land Is To Be Surrendered Under Widening. What Benefit Can I Get Upon Surrendering Of Land?

In case of lands affected under Master Plan roads, the following benefits can be availed as per the existing rules: Relaxations can be availed in respect of setbacks while obtaining building permission or TDR certificate will be issued to a value of 400% (4 times) of the land surrendered under road widening as per Master Plan

  • My Land Is Affected Under Master Plan Road And 50% Of Land Is To Be Surrendered Under Widening. What Benefit Can I Get Upon Surrendering Of Land?

In case of lands affected under Master Plan roads, the following benefits can be availed as per the existing rules: Relaxations can be availed in respect of setbacks while obtaining building permission or TDR certificate will be issued to a value of 400% (4 times) of the land surrendered under road widening as per Master Plan